Skylight Accessories

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Dayliter offers an arrangement of skylight accessories including opening hardware,
acrylic skins and screens.

Dayliter Skylights - TRU-pole Dayliter Skylights - TRU-pole Dayliter Skylights - Truth Handle Dayliter Skylights - Truth Operator Documentation

Truth Openers - Hand Crank & Pole Openers

Skylight Poles & Accessories
Truth offers a wide assortment of accessories for your skylight system. Everything from crank handles to motorized openers to manually operated skylight poles for use in elevated settings. Truth skylight poles can adjust from 3-6 ft. and 6-10 ft.

Operation of even heavy skylights is possible through the use of a high gear reduction design and high strength chain. The hardware system is offered in three configurations; hand operated, pole-operated, or motorized. A simple detach clip makes sash installation and removal quick and easy.

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Dayliter Skylights - TRU-pole Dayliter Skylights - Electric Opener Mechanism

Truth Sentry II – Electronic Skylight Operator

Sentry II ® Power Skylight System
Truth's Sentry II ® Power Window System for skylights. The built-in flexibility of this revolutionary system will allow you to choose the motor options to meet almost any job requirement - whether your need is wireless control, multiple control, or complete automated control, the Sentry II Power Window System can be tailored to meet your needs. Don't be fooled by its low profile design and quiet running motor - this is a powerful system capable of lifting skylights weighing up to 100 lbs. Warrantied for one year against defects in materials and workmanship.

When you are away from home and the weather looks threatening, relax. Truth's SkySentry® Power Skylight System is on duty! This system has all the "smarts" to virtually run by itself, including microprocessor technology, which opens and closes the skylight via a rain sensor, infrared remote control, and a wall switch. This system can also be hooked up to a thermostat, an electric smoke detector, or even home control or security systems. With snap-on covers in a variety of colors, it's a welcome addition to any home. Warrantied for five years against defects in materials and workmanship.

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Dayliter Skylights - TRU-pole

Truth Hardware Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Protected under the terms of the "Truth Limited Lifetime Warranty for Window & Door Manufacturers and Authorized Distributors" - the only one of its kind in the industry! For a copy of this warranty, please contact Truth Hardware.

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Dayliter Skylights - TRU-pole

Skins – For Acrylic Skylights

Skins are designed in a variety of acrylic shapes so that customers can replace the acrylic piece on their skylight without having to replace the entire unit, including the frame and cap.

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Screens – For Opening Skylights

Screens are designed and manufactured to fit all Dayliter opening skylights. An opening bracket is included in the purchase of a screen.

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