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Overview / History

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2009 Dayliter Skylights marked its 30th Anniversary.

Dayliter Skylights has proudly designed and manufactured residential, commercial and RV skylights since 1979 and continues to be a major leader in the skylight market. Dayliter produces and delivers high quality, reliable, functional, and stylish skylights and roof doors. We are consistently improving and upgrading our materials and manufacturing methods through the use of proven technologies to develop an industry leading and unique skylight design. Our philosophy is to build the best Skylight to meet the demands of the marketplace for quality, reliability and exceptional value.

Mission Statement:
Dayliter Skylights is a market leader in the design and manufacturing of residential, commercial, RV and roof door skylights, based on technical knowledge, innovation, design and industry experience. At Dayliter we provide value to our customers by promising them superior commitment and establishing long term relationships.

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