Dayliter Skylights - RV Acrylic Skylights

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Enhance your recreational
vehicle with Dayliter Skylights

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Dayliter Skylights premium manufactured RV skylights
are professionally designed to enhance your vehicle.

At Dayliter, each skylight is comprised of clean lines, quality materials
and great after-market support. RV owners will benefit from both the
beauty of natural light and from quality, innovative skylights.

Our uniquely designed Metal Self Flashing skylight is mounted directly
to the roof deck of the vehicle, which makes the skylight easy to install.
Likewise, our skylight is easy to repair. The acrylic dome can be quickly
replaced by simply removing the aluminum cap and exterior skin. All the
while, the roof of the vehicle stays intact to prevent damages. MSF
skylights are available as fixed units only (not able to open).

MSF - Metal Self Flashing Skylights:

  • Vinyl thermally broken frame
  • Built- in vinyl curb
  • Self flashing aluminum flange
  • Exterior aluminum retainer cap

Features and Benefits:

  • Mounted directly to the roof deck making it easy to install
  • Acrylic dome can be easily replaced
  • No-leak skin guarantees no water damage to the interior of
    the vehicle
  • Safety Water Stop prevents water from travelling up into
    the skylight while the vehicle is in motion
  • Includes a 10 year limited warranty
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes

The MSF skylight is easy to install, built with quality materials and
illuminates your RV with natural light.
10 Year Dayliter Skylight RV Skylights
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