MSF - Acrylic

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Dayliter's MSF acrylic units are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit every type of RV skylights needs.

Dayliter Skylights acrylic units have a unique carefully designed stretch formed safety skirt in place to act as an "umbrella" over your roof opening. Dayliter's exclusive safety skirt directs all moisture away from the curb eliminating the use of sealants which can break down and deteriorate over time.

The vinyl curb mounted (VCM) thermally broken skylight is a factory assembled unit consisting of an extruded vinyl base frame with all corners fusion welded to ensure an effective watertight frame, condensation gutter and weep holes.

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Dayliter Skylight Roof Door
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Dayliter Skylights - MSF Acrylic Flat Top Pyramid

Dayliter Skylights - MSF White Acrylic Dome

Dayliter Skylights - MSF Acrylic Sample

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Surface Material Options
  • Standard acrylic
  • Impact modified
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Size Options
  • Standard sizes available up to a 4 x 4
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Glazing & Color Options
  • Double glazed
  • Clear, Bronze or White
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10 year warranty Warranty
  Cap Finish & Color Options
  • T6063 extruded aluminum frame with powder coated baked enamel paint finish - Brown, Black or White
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