Roof Doors

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How much energy would it take to open one to full open/lock position?
The doors are assisted by gas shocks on either side. This is similar to the action of opening the hatch on the back of a car (from the inside). Pushing it open and pulling or pushing it closed require very little strength or efforts.

Is it possible to have a screen, so that ventilation could be provided?
Our suggestion for this is an after market product such as a retractable screen. Similar to the Phantom Screens. If you do install something like this, you should NOT leave the screen closed across the door when the door is closed and locked. Like skylights, screens will hold any heat that come in through the skylight part up against the acrylic and it can break/crack them.

How long are they guaranteed for?
2 years, when installed according to the recommended Dayliter Installation Instructions.

**You should always check with the city code of the location you wish to install our products before you purchase them.

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