RV Skylights

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What are the color choices in these acrylic skylights?
Bronze and white translucent are the two choices we offer in MSF skylights for RV's. We have clear acrylic, but we do NOT recommended that for this application, because it lets in too much heat and light.

Are there any other shapes available in acrylic other than the dome?
Yes. We can manufacture a Pyramid, Flat Top Pyramid, Flatlite, and Ridgelite shapes. See our SHAPES page.

The acrylic dome in my RV skylight is broken. Can I replace just the acrylic, or does it have to completely be replaced (frame and all?)
One of the key features of Dayliter RV skylights is the way they are assembled. Skylights can be damaged in a number of scenarios; however, the damage is almost always just to the acrylic skin. Should the acrylic get broken, the owner or an RV service centre needs only 2 things to replace them - a new acrylic skin set, and a screwdriver.

In seven simple steps, replacement of the broken acrylic:

  • Remove the perimeter screws in the cap
  • The cap lifts off easily (no adhesives are used inside)
  • The broken skin set is removed
  • Replace with new skin set
  • Return the cap over the frame
  • Refasten with screws
That's it! Unlike flush-mounted skylights, replacements or repairs of Dayliter skylights will not compromise the integrity of the vehicle's roof membrane.

I have a Dayliter Skylight in my RV and would like to put some kind of blind or screen in. Do you sell these?
The BEST suggestion for this is an after market product a retractable shade that is not always left closed. A suggestion is an aftermarket blind company. If you do install something like this, you should NOT leave the blind closed all the time. Blinds and screens will hold any heat that come in through the skylight up against the acrylic and it can break/crack them. If a blind is installed, it should be mounted at least 10" away from the inner surface of the skylight, and should be a space to allow for air flow between the skylight and the interior space.

** WE DO NOT warranty problems caused by after-market products being installed into our skylights. **

Can my MSF skylights open for ventilation?
Unfortunately, we do not offer MSF skylights that vent at this time. We are looking into a cost effective way to produce these, so perhaps in the future, we will have something you would be interested in.

What is Dayliter's warranty policy on RV skylights?
Dayliter Skylights reserves the right to alter the details or design of its products without notice. We guarantee all products to be free from defects in workmanship and material for a time period of ten (10) years from date of sale to the original buyer. Our liability is limited solely to the replacement of goods. For more information and details please read our full warranty.

Is there something else you might want to know? Please contact us so we may help!

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